1927:   Flotation of the butcher shop by Jakob Jaspers

1962:   Takeover by son Heinz Jakob Jaspers

1966:   Establishment of meat product manufactory Jaspers

1968:   Initiation of a slaughterhouse

1972:   Closing of the slaughterhouse,
             Expansion of capacities for meat processing

1976:   Expansion of capacities

1982:   Expansion of production capacity by 2000m², on a total area of 4000m²,
             Number of employees: 60

1989:   Takeover of the meat product manufactory by Heinz Achim Jaspers

1992:   Number of employees: 150,
             Closing of the meat product manufactory,
             Establishing the of the JHK GmbH

1994:   Marketing of German self-service products in Europe

2000:   Sales of Belgian and Dutch meat products

2010:   Sales of Spanish meat products