We, the JHK GmbH, would like to welcome you to our website!

The JHK GmbH is an internationally operating trade agency focused on merchandising Dutch, Spanish, Belgian and German meats of all kinds.

Currently, we are marketing around 300 tons of meat for the leading Spanish meat producers per week. What makes us special is that we have a co-worker who is located in the region of Vic / Girona. This co-worker ensures our required quality standards and deals with the specified customer wishes.

We also organize and take care of all the logistics, including the management of empty pallets. To ensure the best quality, the JHK GmbH only works with companies that are willing to fulfill the high standards demanded by the JHK GmbH and its customers. Customers come from across the world due to the fact that the JHK GmbH only sells the best meat out of Europe.